Fact Checking Policy

a) Khabarchhe ensures that any of its journalists do not voluntarily or willingly undertake plagiarism or distort any facts in the content published by us.

b) We always make sure that we only publish such information in our content that is accurate. This is a very important aspect, not only to facilitate the readers, but also to sustain the credibility and trustworthiness of our portal. This maintenance of accuracy is ensured by taking various steps such as investigating uncertain information and researching upon questionable assumptions.

c) We make sure that all our content is appropriate, collected from a reliable source, contains evidence to support the facts and honest. We don’t try to speculate in the matters that we don’t have much information about.

d) All our news items/stories are reviewed by a number of sub-editors, editor to ensure accuracy. We have a multi-level fact-checking system where we don’t let any erroneous information reach our readers.

e) We always seek verification from reliable sources to confirm information, especially that which is related to matters of personal interest of individuals and which can create a deviation from our goal of reporting the events exactly as they happen.

f) If any information published by us proves to be incorrect, we try to alter the news item as soon as possible. We try our best not to misguide our readers knowingly in any way. We acknowledge serious faults made by us and correct them quickly and appropriately.

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